Residential Service Plans for Complete Peace of Mind!

We never forget that this is your home, your castle and more importantly, your refuge from the stress-filled world. So naturally, you want to keep it pest-free. We listen to you and provide you with EXACTLY what is needed to keep your property free and clear of pests.

Home-Tailored Solutions

We know where pests live, where they hide and where they are at all times. We know where to find them even when you think they’re gone. And, we’ll turn that knowledge into an effective solution made to order for your home, family and lifestyle.

With our residential pest programs we provide:

  • Termite elimination and on-going protection
  • Carpenter Ant programs
  • Cockroach programs
  • Rodent programs
  • Pesky Ant programs
  • Flea Treatments
  • Bed Bug elimination
  • Spider programs
  • Beetle Identification and eradication
  • Silverfish programs
  • Mice & Rat programs for both inside & outside your home
  • Wasps/Bee infestation internal and external
  • Deer Tick (Lyme Disease) Control
  • General household protection all year around

Scheduling at Your Convenience

Need us there early or late? We’ll be there whenever it’s best for you. A trained, certified pest expert will have a solution for you within 24 hours.

Effective Service When You Want It

Is quarterly service right for you? Or would seeing us every month make you feel better? Depending on the demands of your particular problem, we’ll work with you to set our service visits on a schedule you’re comfortable with.

Outside Treatment, Inside Treatment, or Both

Let’s examine the nature of your problem to discover the best solution for you.

Outside-In Approach

With our expertise we look for ways pests may enter your home. Our goal is to provide an external barrier to stop these unwanted guests before they arrive inside. We will set up a year round barrier protection program so you and your family may sleep comfortably knowing you are pest free.

Signature Care 360 Home Care Service Plan

This has always been our most favored service by our customers. We offer year round protection from approximately 21 popular pests. You will receive four scheduled service visits that include the exterior and interior of your home. WE KILL YOUR PESTS DEAD, QUICK!

We Don’t Stink!

That’s right! The majority of our products contain little or no odor. We understand your concerns when it comes to safety for you and your loved ones. We always take this into consideration when treating around your
property and your loved ones.

Call us now at NJ – 732.777.6857 / NY – 212.206.0700 / PA – 215.586.4488 and experience complete satisfaction knowing your home was taken care of your way