Climb Up Bed Bug Interceptors (Large)


Help prevent bed bugs from ever coming into contact with you and your bed/furniture with Climbup® Insect Interceptors. This deceptively simple and inexpensive device plays a large role in detecting bed bug infestations and can greatly limit the number of bugs that are able to gain access to you as you sleep. This multi-directional pitfall trap is more effective than a simple barrier because it not only blocks access to your bed, but it also traps bed bugs, greatly reducing the chance for the insects to find other pathways to you or your furniture.

These devices are placed under the legs of furniture, especially furniture used for resting such as beds or couches. Once installed, bed bugs will be intercepted as they attempt to gain access to you and your bed/furniture. The Climbup® will also assist with: early detection, prevention against (re)infestation of beds and furniture, ongoing monitoring of infestations, and enhancing elimination efforts.

Multi-directional Pitfall Design
–Unlike many available units, the Climbup® was engineered to intercept and trap bed bugs attempting to access your bed/furniture for a blood meal or to exit your bed/furniture in order to migrate back to their harborages to nest and lay eggs.

What does this really mean?
Not only will this unit capture bed bugs that are attempting to either access or exit your bed/furniture, but the manner in which the insects are trapped will provide an indication as to where the insects are originating. For example, if you are seeing a high concentration of bed bugs in the outer pitfall of a device that is located near a nightstand, this could indicate that the bed bugs are attempting to migrate from the nightstand to your bed. In comparison, if the bugs are trapped in the inner well, it indicates that they were trapped as they were leaving the bed, possibly to deposit eggs or infest areas away from sleeping and resting areas.

Talcum Coated Polyethylene
– The composition the Climbup® device is polyethylene plastic. This material provides a minimally porous surface that is naturally difficult for bed bugs to climb. To ensure that bed bugs remain entrapped in the pitfall, each device comes pre-coated with talcum powder which serves as a lubricant.

What does this really mean?
The plastic trap lubricated with talcum powder can be virtually impossible for bed bugs to climb creating an ideal trap for bed bugs. Talcum powder is a very common ingredient and can be found in most baby powders. As a result, the periodic lubricating of the traps will be a snap as long as talcum is the primary ingredient of the baby powder you select.

Adhesive strip-
The exterior of each Climbup® has been encircled with a paper-adhesive strip. This strip provides a textured surface that is easy for bed bugs to climb allowing easy access into the pitfall trap. This strip should not be removed.

Why do you need Climbup®?

Detection and confirmation:
The Climbup® is an inexpensive and important tool for earlier detection and confirmation of infestations. The severity of an infestation will directly impact how much you will pay for treatment. Having the ability to detect bed bug infestations earlier will significantly impact the levels of treatment and ultimately cost. Additionally, since low-level infestations are particularly difficult to detect, the Climbup® will be an important tool for confirmation if you suspect an infestation is present.

Reduce chances of infestation and (re)infestation:
Whether you are attempting to reduce the likelihood of infestation of your bed/furniture or you have previously had your bed/furniture treated and want to reduce the chance of (re)infestation, the Climbup® will play an important role in preventing infestation by helping to bar access to your bed/furniture.

Helpful tool for individuals as greater risk:
The Climbup® will be important to individuals that are typically prone to infestations: Frequent business and vacation travelers, college students and those in communal living situations, parents of college students, and/or hosts with frequent visitors.

Ongoing monitoring of infestations:
If you are currently receiving bed bug services from a pest management professional, the Climbup® can be used to monitor the progress and after-effects of the bed bug treatment services.

Enhancing elimination efforts:
The Climbup® is not considered an elimination device; however, the unit does actively remove bed bugs from the overall population. Each insect that is removed from bed bug populations reduces the number of egg-bearing females and breeding partners, thereby assisting elimination efforts. In addition, every bug that is intercepted is one less bug that will feed upon the occupants of the dwelling.

Package of 4, Square 5 1/2 X 7 1/2 interior

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