Rest Easy Travel 2oz Spray


Why Rest Easy?

  • Rest Easy
    is a TRUE GREEN product, 100% based on all-natural ingredients, such as LemonGrass Oil and Cinnamon Oil.
  • Rest Easy
    meets all requirements of the USDA for use around Organic Food processing.
  • Rest Easy
    meets all EPA requirements for exemption of classical pesticide registration as having Minimum Risk.
  • Rest Easy's
    optimized blend of natural ingredients has been universally recognized for
    of years as a means for controlling insects.
  • Rest Easy
    is safe to use around children and pets. However, please do not spray it directly on skin as it may cause mild skin irritaion. Compare these effects to pesticides containing pyrethrins/pyrethroids, which have neurotoxins that can cause permanent nerve damage and are probable endocrine disruptors, which raise the risk of birth defects, hormonal imbalances, and even leukemia.

And last of all….IT WORKS!

  • Rest Easy
    kills 90% of bedbugs within 5 seconds of contact, and the REST within 30 minutes!
  • Rest Easy
    provides a repellency effect for as long as the vapors from treatment continue to give off a cinnamon scent (up to one week), and does
    leave long-term, hazardous residuals (pyrethroids can leave hazardous residuals for longer than one year!)
  • Rest Easy
    is extremely cost-effective in addressing potentially severe and increasingly common problem.
  • Rest Easy
    offers a simple-to-apply option for repetitive, effective treatments that can be used by non-professional applicators and individuals.
  • Rest Easy
    has also shown good efficacy against other flying and crawling insects.
  • Rest Easy
    has a pleasant cinnamon-like aroma

Comes in a set of (2). Made for traveling. Easy to take with you. Use it on your luggage, the headboard, mattresses, box springs and sheets. I take this product with me whenever I travel.

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